Hindi complete Novel - Madurani Chapter-60 आख़िरी दाँव (The End)

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Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
Hindi Version by Chinmay Deshpande

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  1. apki sari novels pdi h. bahut achchhi h. em bar jb pdna suru krta hu to bich me chhodne ko dil nhi krta. lgatar suspence bna rhta he ki agge kya hoga...agge kya hoga. is trh sara bovel pd jata hu. BLACK HOLS, ADHBHOOT, SUNYA, OR AB YE E-LOVES. sb bahut achchhi thi. ab apke agle novel ka wait hai. .DHARAM RAJ SINGH, JIND

  2. Maine aapki saari novels padh li hain. Ab aur novels ka wait kar rahi hu please reply krein ki kab nayi novels post kar rahe hain. Waiting for your reply....

  3. Please publish mragjaal in hindi. Aur kuch aur bhi novels laiye. Bahut time ho gaya koi naye nivels nahi aai. Mrigjal k saath kuch naye novels laiye jisse hum padh sakein. Pleeeeeeeeeease

  4. Oh no checked after a long time but the same novels r there. Will you please publish some more Novels. Please reply. Aap atleast answer to kijiye...


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