उपन्यास - अद्-भूत The horror, suspense, thriller [Email this] English Version-> [Aghast]
उपन्यास - शून्य The suspense, thriller [Email this] English Version->[Zero]
उपन्यास - ब्लैकहोल The Mystery, horror, suspense Email this English Version->[Black Hole]
उपन्यास - ई लव्ह The suspense, thriller Email this English Version->[eLove]
उपन्यास -मधुराणी Story of a femine power [Email this] English Version-> [Honey]
उपन्यास - मृगजल The psychological suspense, thriller Email this

Two back to back Hindi Novels at reader's disposal

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This Novel in English

Till Now two Hindi novels are completed on this blog posted in blog / episode manner. These novels are posted in blog / episode forms in 3 languages at the same time, i,e English, Hindi and Marathi.

The links to these novels in respective languages are as follows -

English Novels

Marathi Novels

Seeing the readers tremendous response I am planning to post further more novels in episode manner.

The statistics (Consolidated) of the readership is as follows.

Per day page views - 4000-5000 daily

Daily email subscribers - around 500

Email referals = approx 15 per day

Page views till today - 2.30 Lakhs (Since Last 5 months)

This Novel in English

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