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Hindi Songs

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अल्बम - आम्ही पुणेरी
(Officially launched by Padmashree A।R.Rahman (The legendary Music Composer ) on 4th May 2006 @ 8PM;)
संगीत - प्रशांत
गीत - सुनिल डोईफोडे

1. दूर...
(A Hindi Song for todays youth )
स्वर - प्रिती, संजय और कोरस

2. मंजूळ झुळझुळ
(A Marathi Romantic Number)
स्वर - विनिता


This Novel in English

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  1. Good post on Hindi songs.

    Writing Blog in Two language is too Difficult .

    I had seen ur Blog and Bookmarked it.